Cocotine is trademark of the egg sector of the d'aucy Group.
Thanks to this industrial organisation, Cocotine controls every step throughout production.

Un groupement de producteursTechno-economic advice

Specialist vets and technicians employed by Cecabroons, a technical structure shared by the CECAB and the Coop de Broons, monitor the pullet and hen farms. The farmers commit to specifications, and are keen to provide irreproachable quality.

Expertise in animal nutrition

Animal feed is supplied by Aliouest (a subsidiary of the d'aucy Group, with ISO 9001 certification). Controlling this stage allows us to ensure rigorous checks on the pullet and hen feed, as well as allowing total traceability of the feed components.

Efficient industrial sites

The Group has an egg breaking plant at Ploërmel (Department 56) that produces a complete range of chilled, frozen or powdered egg products, egg whites, yolks, whole eggs; plain, savoury or sweet. The site is ISO 9001 certified and applies the HACCP system. Almost one billion eggs are processed every year, with a significant amount destined for export. Three production sites produce processed egg products, PEP at Ploërmel (Dept. 56), at Carvin (Dept. 62) and the Domaine des Genêts at Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre (Dept. 41). These recently built processing units have modern technology at their disposal guaranteeing the highest health standards: certification ISO 9001, BRC and IFS (Ploërmel) HACCP management. These sites produce both fresh and frozen ranges, adapted to the needs of our clients (omelettes, tortillas, fried eggs, shelled hard boiled eggs, blancs en neige etc). Because of this organisation, we are able to guarantee total traceability and optimal quality.

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