28 February 2022

Six Cocotine products that are perfect for vegetarians

Eggs, in their many forms, are part of our daily food landscape. Whether enjoyed after cooking them on their own, combined with other ingredients or incorporated into dishes to add consistency and flavour, they are also particularly beneficial from a nutritional standpoint. In addition to being a source of vitamins and minerals, they are also very rich in protein, supplying essential amino acids to the human body (which the body cannot synthesise itself).

These characteristics are all the more important to vegetarians, who need to find substitutes for the nutrients that omnivorous people get from eating meat. As a result, dishes containing eggs or egg products provide them with a portion of those dietary needs that are essential to good health.

67% of consumers worldwide say they prefer to eat simple foods. Cocotine’s products, which are developed to be as healthy as they are delicious, satisfy this desire for innovative simplicity in recipes as well as consumer interest in transparency with regard to production methods.

Designed with fast food and institutional chefs in mind, our products simplify their daily routines and are suited to a multitude of different uses.


Egg Wraps

Our Egg Wraps come in the form of any other wrap (wheat or corn tortilla, for example). Rich in protein (11 g per 100 g), they add real texture and are ideal for starters and meals on the go. They serve as a terrific cooking base, with an infinite array of possible fillings!

Recipe suggestions:

For a fresh and tasty, light snack, the rich protein content of a rolled salmon wrap is a great way to stave off the munchies in the afternoon.

Offer your diners a touch of exoticism with this recipe for banh mi filled with seasonal vegetables and herbs, spiced up with a Vietnamese vinaigrette.


Snack’Omelettes, whole and half-moon omelettes

The nutritional qualities of our half-moon omelettes make them a fantastic meat alternative for paninis and other sandwiches. As for our round whole omelettes, they are perfect as a substitute burger patty. Lastly, our Snack’Omelettes can also be used in the place of bread. In addition, with 11 grams of protein per 100 grams of product, they provide an ideal response to vegetarians’ dietary needs. 

Recipe suggestions:

Part croque monsieur and part burger (with its round shape), the 100% vegetarian croque omelette is sure to delight your guests or customers!

Often served with meat or fish, a breakfast bagel also goes perfectly with eggs. Use seasonal vegetables and original seasonings to offer some variety to your diners.


Egg Bites

Rich in protein (10-13 g per 100 g) and low in sugar, our Plain, 3 Cheese and Cheddar & Bacon Egg Bites can all add consistency and flavour to a seasonal salad or platter of cocktail nibbles. They can also replace traditional fried eggs at breakfast or brunch.


Free-range or Organic Baker’s Egg White

Available fresh or frozen, our Baker’s Egg White is an easy way to prepare sweet or savoury pastries and desserts.

Recipe suggestions:

For a savoury snack or starter, these fingers are a terrific showcase for spring vegetables. They also give you free rein to add your own personal touch, particularly in terms of their presentation.

There are many possible variations on traditional recipes, including this revisited floating island featuring caramel and peanuts, for a truly decadent dessert!


Find other recipe suggestions in our cookbook, “Vegetarian Cooking with Cocotine”.

Download the Cocotine vegetarian recipe booklet!


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