About Cocotine

Find out about our brand Cocotine, a co-operative brand created by producers at the service of food profesionnals. We are producing a wide range of egg's products, from omelettes to frozen eggs and chilleds specialities for every moments of meals.

6 production sites in France
230 farmers committed alongside us to producing quality eggs
27 countries where Cocotine is present

Eureden Group

Cocotine, a Eureden Group co-operative brand

Eureden is a co-operative agri-food group, the fruit of the union of the d’aucy and Triskalia Groups. Eureden now counts some 20,000 farmers and 9,000 employees, all united around a shared ambition: healthy, responsible food for all, with an ongoing concern for meeting the legitimate expectations of consumers and society as a whole.

Today, Eureden stands for more than 10 brands, 60 industrial sites and 300 shops, representing annual turnover in excess of €3 billion.

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Our value chain

The co-operative and our codes

Most Cocotine eggs are supplied by farmers’ groups from Eureden’s co-operatives, from a value chain perspective. This upstream integration gives us control of our sourcing and our delivery lead times, whilst enabling precise traceability at every link in the chain. Thanks to this set-up, we are able to continuously supply our clients with the desired quantities of high quality products, all year round, without having to worry about any external variables.

Thanks to our organisation in value chains, we are able to offer eggs from:

  • “Animal welfare” cage-free chickens
  • Free-range chickens
  • Organic farming.

Watch a video presenting the group’s egg branch, Eureden Œuf

Our producers

Cocotine is a co-operative brand

Created by producers, Cocotine now counts more than 230 co-operative farmers working by our side to produce quality eggs. The co-operative helps producers in their day-to-day work, in some cases optimising a farm’s organisation and operations through support from our technical experts, or else assisting with long-term projects to convert to alternative farming methods that demand significant investments in order to modernise and upgrade their facilities.

Watch our video presenting one of our animal welfare cage-free and organic farmers!

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English catalog of Cocotine's products

Discover our large range of chilled and frozen processed egg products with our catalog.

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Our industrial sites

Cocotine’s production activities are divided between five sites across France, with each site specialising in specific product ranges:

  • PEP Ploërmel: Egg shelling & cooked egg-based products
  • PEP Carvin: Frozen egg-based products (omelettes, French toast, egg wraps, etc.)
  • PEP Lamotte-Beuvron: Pasteurised shell eggs
  • PEP Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre: Poached eggs & soft-boiled eggs
  • Coltivia Bournezeau: Cocotine brand egg sprays & Cook in Spray brand cooking sprays

Watch a video about our new egg shelling plant!

Our team

A team dedicated to the Cocotine brand

Find out more about our export sales team!

  • Tonia, area sales manager
  • Julien, export director
  • Sandrine, export assistant
  • Frank, key account manager
  • Ingrid, area sales manager

They’re here to help you discover Cocotine-branded egg products. Professionalism, rigor and dynamism are their watchwords.