12 June 2023

Cocotine product pricing: A reflection of our commitments, our quality and our service.


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Pricing is a central issue in the choice of suppliers. The challenge is to maintain profit margins while reining in the rates charged to customers. Decision should consider the cost of course, but also the associated services and quality. Sourcing products from Cocotine means gaining a supply of egg products that offer high added value and real meaning.


An engaged co-operative


As a co-operative brand, Cocotine belongs to the farmers who are committed to the work they do, day in day out. Our network of producers, located close to our processing facilities, gives us access to fresh eggs while reducing transport time and distances. Recognising our farmers’ hard work is one of our core purposes. They form the backbone of our brand, toiling each day to produce eggs and, in the end, high quality egg products for the benefit of our clients and their consumers. We are dedicated to promoting and valuing people, especially the ones who feed us.


In concrete terms, an economic committee made up of farmers from the group meets twice a year to assess our producers’ remuneration and any necessary adjustments. Our rules and regulations explain how egg prices are to be revised, particularly in view of changes in the cost of the product and market quotations. Most recently, in February 2023, a substantial price increase was approved for Eureden’s farmers. So, when you choose Cocotine’s egg products, you are contributing to decent wages for farmers, in line with their efforts.


High quality products for our clients


Setting fair prices lets us support our farmers to improving in their practices, especially in terms of the environment and animal welfare. This way, we can assist them with their investments and training in order to meet our objectives of putting an end to caged eggs and replacing them with “animal welfare” cage-free eggs. France accounts for 32% of Europe’s organic laying hens and 16% of its free-range laying hens. And we are helping to bolster that dynamic.


Our proactive R&D policy provides our clients with practical, original creations that meet their customers’ expectations. This culture of innovation led to our development of products like our egg yolk spray and our egg wraps. As a result, we can deliver custom-made egg products that can be adapted to changing fashions and trends in food service. We also strive to simplify the daily lives of chefs by offering them instructions for preparation and storage that are as convenient as possible, like IQF (individually quick frozen) ingredients. Lastly, our R&D helps to improve food safety and the traceability that is required by ever more demanding regulations.

The price of Cocotine’s egg products is the result of a compromise between giving restaurateurs access to quality goods, paying farmers fairly and supporting our R&D. Another goal of ours is to take care of our clients each and every day by offering them appropriate delivery options thanks to a transport network operating in 27 countries. Guaranteeing measured supply times is also one of the commitments we have made to meeting their needs.

[Ebook] The commitments of the Eureden group.


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