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Brown all your baked goods evenly, with nothing going to waste.

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What is Cocotine Egg Spray?

Want to save time in the kitchen? Thanks to Cocotine’s Egg Spray, you can set aside your brushes!

Our convenient and economical spray lets you glaze any pastries and baked goods that you want to turn a beautiful golden brown.

Cocotine Egg Spray extends your products’ shelf lives, guaranteeing delicious flavours with a lovely golden wash that is even, consistent and drip free.

It is so simple and efficient to use that it is sure to become your go-to product for quickly and easily enhancing your creations before they even go in the oven.

Advantages of our Egg Spray

  • Economical (1 can = spray for 300 baked goods)
  • No wastage (fast, precise application)
  • Less time
  • Convenient
  • Browning is even + puff pastry and cakes are guaranteed to rise
  • Food safety
  • Product protected from bacterial contamination
  • Product qualities are preserved.

Ideal for food service professionals

We package pasteurised liquid egg in the form of an aerosol spray so you can add the perfect glaze to your creations without having to touch them directly.

As a safety precaution, hold the can 50 cm from the food when spraying.


Oeufs de France


Aerosol 300g



Ideal for elevating your baked goods. Croissants are flakier and more colourful when you use Cocotine Egg Spray.

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