31 January 2022

Eggs, a great source of protein

Because they are easy to use and include in many dishes, eggs are an important part of our food landscape. And as it happens, they are also an excellent source of protein! The nutrients they provide are beneficial to omnivores, and even more so to vegetarians who need to find sources of vital nutrients other than meat.


Eggs, a healthy food

Low in calories, and rich in vitamins A, D, E, as well as in B vitamins (B2, B5, B9 and B12) and minerals (iron, zinc, selenium), eggs are a high-quality food for us humans. They also falls into the protein-rich food category, similar to meat and fish. Their high protein content makes it easy to meet daily requirements.

As the building blocks of proteins, amino acids are vital to maintaining good health. The human body produces some of them, but those referred to as ‘essential amino acids’ can only come from foods. Here again, eggs are great because they are an especially rich and complete source of protein. They provide the 9 essential amino acids we need.

Eggs have a relatively high content of a certain kind of cholesterol in proportion to their weight. However, and until now, scientific studies have not fully answered the question about their potential harmfulness, even when consumed in large amounts. At any rate, because eggs are rich in nutrients, a reasonable consumption between 6 to 10 eggs per week offers us health benefits.


Balanced, easy-to-prepare meals

Egg-based preparations offer chefs no-fuss solutions and come in a variety of forms. Liquid egg makes it easy to make traditional recipes, regardless of how many egg yolks, whites or whole eggs are needed. As for prepared egg-based products, they help institutional catering chefs diversify their menu to offer some variety to their diners. In fact, the Cocotine range offers a group of products suited to all chefs, for use in both commercial and institutional catering, including ready-to-cook, ready-to-plate and ready-to-serve options.

The wide variety of egg-based products actually helps think outside of the box without increasing the workload. Plain or garnished omelettes, hard-boiled or poached eggs … These are just some of the ingredients that can make up the centre piece or the trimmings of your prepared dishes. Egg-based products can also be a great alternative to meat, as proven with the many variations of veggie burgers we have seen!

Moreover, eggs suit all types of diets, except vegans and those who have adopted vegan living, choosing not to consume any animal-based products. More and more people are opting for a flexitarian diet, which focuses on reducing meat consumption. And this holds true in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and more generally in Europe. Dishes made with eggs are therefore a good alternative for people who do not claim to be vegetarians.


Most diners and consumers are happy to see more variety on the menu with eggs and egg-based products instead of meat. It’s a great way for institutional catering chefs to offer healthy, balanced dishes that meet their desire for a varied diet. In addition to the taste and sensory qualities of eggs, their high nutrient content is also a benefit worth highlighting. You hold all the cards!

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