19 June 2023

Eureden Group: A promise of quality you can trust.

Cocotine is the brand name of Eureden Group’s eggs branch, with nearly 20,000 co-op farmers and 8,500 employees. This means our egg products reap the benefits of the expertise and solidity of a major co-operative on the French agri-food scene. Our continuous pursuit of quality, supported by our culture of innovation, allows us to market safe, healthy and delicious products to our clients.


Our commitments to provide high quality food


Eureden’s integrated value chain, which is specific to the co-operative, gives us complete control over every link in the chain, from the fields to client deliveries. This allows us to provide precise, accurate traceability for our food products, covering:

  • production (animal feed and livestock conditions)
  • inputs for our processing plants (located close to our collection points)
  • processing methods (adherence to quality assurance procedures, regulations and certifications).

The transport of our finished products is also assessed by performance indicators and by regular reviews conducted with the people involved.


Safety is a crucial issue in the agri-food sector, which is why our daily activities follow HACCP rules (identification of risks, prevention, detection measures and corrective actions in the event of a failure). Out of our concern for continuous improvement and to showcase our approach, we have obtained BRC, GFSI and FSSC 22000 certification. All of this is proof of our commitment to providing high quality food.


To preserve the planet


Eureden works to encourage diversified, sustainable agriculture. This involves developing and improving methods at every step, in the fields, in production and at our processing and transport facilities. We have launched many initiatives to help us shrink our carbon footprint and support the transition to sustainable agriculture, such as innovative technological systems designed to reduce resource consumption, technical training courses, support for farms going organic or free-range, and the list goes on.


Key results of our actions include:

  • 90.4% of the water we use in our activities is treated and then returned to the natural environment
  • 40% of the plant proteins used in our animals’ feed are produced in France
  • Over 50% of our farmers have converted to alternative farming methods (organic, free-range or “animal welfare” cage-free), with the goal of reaching 100%.


To uphold co-operative and human values


Co-operative, social engagement is part of our core identity, as affirmed by specific actions in our CSR strategy. Our governance is based on a charter and elected representatives who have been well trained to fulfil their duties in this respect. These values have been given concrete form through our health and quality of life in the workplace policy, training and skills development, and anti-discrimination work.

Co-op farmers are the backbone of Eureden Group, so it is only logical that they should receive fair pay for their work and their engagement. Eureden helps farmers with their transitions in several ways, by giving them time to transform their farms and by offering them financial support.

Making the switch to free-range farming is not without consequences on the cost of production: a reduced density of birds, additional outdoor ranges, extra monitoring work, an increased percentage of lost or broken eggs, etc. 

This can be a serious financial burden. So, supporting them and promoting their products is a sign of recognition and gratitude for the people who feed us.

Strict procedures to ensure the sanitary quality of our food products, innovations that align with societal demand, consideration of the ecological transition, values driven by our co-operative model and CSR policy, and more: all of these commitments are part of Eureden’s mission of feeding humankind well.

[Ebook] The Eureden Group's commitments.


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