27 June 2022

Cocotine: A supplier committed to quality


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Cocotine is a co-operative brand that was founded in 1968 by farmers in Brittany. This means that the 230 co-op farmers and the employees at our processing plants share the same core values of providing a solid, sustainable food value chain, ensuring good working conditions and improving animal welfare. Designed for food service professionals, our egg products are vital to serving up tasty, nutritional dishes.


Cocotine, for eggs with meaning

The values shared by our co-op members are brought to life through discussions of know-how and good practices. This dialogue has a concrete impact on the evolution of animal husbandry methods and the strategic choices that are made. For example, Cocotine has set itself the goal of stopping all of its caged chicken farming. In addition, we are working with the NGO WelFarm to improve the living conditions of cage-free chickens, particularly on farms that do not have the option to convert to Label Rouge or organic farming. These changes, which are a response to strong societal demands relating to product quality and animal welfare, entail a major transition for the producers. Time for discussions and guidance is essential to helping them make that progress.

On the financial side, the co-operative has long supported its members in their short to medium term projects. To further simplify the conversion to agroecology, a partnership has been established with MiiMOSA, a crowdfunding platform that helps projects get on their feet. And our farmers receipt assistance with the technical design and preparation of their funding appeals.


Products made in France, on your plate

Thanks to its integrated value chain, the co-operative oversees every link in the chain, from animal feed to quality control for egg products. The entire production cycle takes place in France: the chickens are born and raised there, and their eggs are laid there before being processed at our plants. This guarantees traceability throughout the chain, all the way to restaurant kitchens. The short distance between the farms and the processing sites is key to product quality, because the time between egg laying and product preparation is greatly reduced.

Our culture of innovation yields products that are perfectly attuned to our clients’ needs. Each new development is run through panels of diners and chefs. Sensory qualities and ease of use are scrutinised to make sure they are fully aligned with user expectations. This process results in the creation of no fewer than 10 new products each year. Chefs use our product launches and updates to our ranges to enrich the options they offer to their diners.

Quality is a part of Cocotine’s DNA. Continuous improvements and the pursuit of excellence are driven by the motivation of each of our co-op farmers and employees. Our co-operative model further nurtures our commitment to supplying food service professionals with healthy, tasty egg products, whilst guaranteeing the highest level of food safety. For more information, take a look at our 100% quality chef’s kit!

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