20 July 2022

What makes Cocotine egg products so tasty and so safe?


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Institutional catering chefs need to be able to count on consistent, high-quality products. Not to mention food that is perfectly safe. As a result, trust in suppliers is essential, especially when it comes to more fragile foods like eggs. Cocotine is able to meet the highest quality standards thanks to our control over the entire supply chain, from farmer to diner, our transparency and our values: “to improve the welfare of our animals whilst ensuring good working conditions and solid, sustainable food value chains”.

When quality is synonymous with flavour

Because we are a co-operative, Cocotine’s egg products do not go through any middlemen. All our eggs come from member farmers, which guarantees their traceability and shortens the time before processing. Fresh and extra-fresh eggs are synonymous with nutritional and sensory quality! With the structure and support we offer, our farmers can also improve their own livestock practices. In concrete terms, Cocotine has instituted an Animal Welfare Charter which aims to give our chickens living conditions that meet their behavioural needs. We have set ourselves a goal of having no more chickens in cages (Code 3 eggs).

Our egg products are made from those same eggs, whose quality is passed down into all our products, from our ready-made omelettes to the meringues whipped up by chefs using our ready-to-cook items. Whether frozen or fresh, our liquid products (made of whole eggs, yolks or whites) are essential ingredients. In fact, they form the base for many recipes for savoury dishes and pastries alike, with no risk of contamination from the shells.

Our production and processing methods guarantee consistent flavour and nutritional characteristics in all Cocotine egg products. We have also implemented a Quality Charter for our product development teams, reiterating a variety of criteria such as the use of few to no additives, no artificial flavour or colours, no preservatives, and so on.

When quality rhymes with safety

Compliance with sanitary procedures is a major concern in institutional catering. Those procedures ensure the food consumed by diners is harmless and therefore safe. Our egg products, which contain no artificial colours or preservatives, undergo substantial testing during production. When it comes time to cook, the clear bottles used for our liquid egg products make it easy to check their appearance.

Regulation in the agri-food sector is very precise, for example defining concentration thresholds and specific rules for product names based on production conditions. In addition to regulation, various certifications have been created, like that of the BRC (British Retail Consortium). This certification serves as an additional hallmark of quality, given its demanding specifications in relation to traceability and the need to continuously improve sanitary procedures, both in producing and packaging the products. For Cocotine, earning this certification provided recognition of our longstanding practices and commitment to quality.

Between our farming conditions, our closeness to our farmers, our traceability, our proven, verified processing methods and more, Cocotine egg products are a delight to institutional catering diners and simplify the lives of kitchen crews who know they can count on our products without a second thought. To take this to the next level, check out at our 100% Quality Chef’s Kit!

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