27 May 2024

How to simplify the life of a commercial chef

Culinary trends

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In the restaurant world, chefs are constantly looking for ways to simplify their work while maintaining the quality and freshness of the dishes they serve. This is where service products come into play, offering chefs practical, versatile solutions to the demands of the profession.

Do you want to find out how to save time in the kitchen in order to optimise your restaurant’s margins? In today’s inflationary climate, Cocotine has some suggestions for optimising your time and boosting your profitability: 


  • One of the major challenges facing commercial chefs is effective time management. Between prepping your ingredients, cooking them and serving your dishes, every minute counts. Service products like bottles of liquid egg yolk, egg white and whole egg can considerably reduce your prep time. Thanks to their convenient, pre-measured sizes, you can reduce your waste compared to using shell eggs, since a portion can be lost when separating the whites from the yolks. They also save time in the kitchen and deliver consistent quality and texture for your recipes, preventing any variations caused by the size or freshness of shell eggs.


  • A profitable menu: develop a balanced menu that showcases dishes with the highest margins whilst offering an appealing variety to your customers, by identifying the top dishes that generate the most revenue and regularly adjusting your menu based on costs and market trends. 

Cocotine’s free-range Oeuf Parfait allows you to serve a simple product elevated by a new, low-temperature cooking technique. These pre-cooked products are real time savers for chefs and foster creativity so you can concoct attractive, unique dishes that can be sold at higher prices, which can further raise your profit margins.


  • Product versatility: Cocotine’s hard-boiled, poached and scrambled eggs offer unparalleled versatility in the kitchen. Whether you use them to garnish your hors d’oeuvres, enrich your main courses or inject a touch of originality into traditional recipes, these products give chefs a multitude of options to stimulate their culinary creativity and surprise their customers’ palates. Maximise the use of each ingredient to reduce waste by planning menus that employ the same ingredients in multiple dishes and by instituting appropriate preservation techniques that can extend the products’ shelf lives. These multi-purpose service products optimise kitchen tasks and food storage whilst giving you control over the cost per portion.


  • Dish of the day: a great strategy for customers looking to eliminate extras to keep the price of their meals down:
    • Use less expensive but tastier seasonal products
    • Rationalise their uses, in starters, main courses, tapas, salads and more
    • Optimise portion sizes
    • Consider egg-based vegetarian alternatives. 


Lastly, selecting quality ingredients with a good quality-price ratio – by seeking out Made in France suppliers – guarantees their traceability, lets you track their origins, and ensures the quality of your supplies and their compliance with food safety standards.

The Cocotine range is made from eggs produced by 230 farmers in the Brittany-based co-operative Eureden. When you opt for Made in France products, you guarantee quality and verified traceability for your diners. This helps you serve food that is more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, the use of egg-based service products can simplify your life considerably, delivering practical, versatile and high-quality solutions to the daily challenges of your business. When you employ these products in your kitchens, you can not only save time and reduce food waste, but you can also offer your customers an extraordinary culinary experience at any time of year.

Cocotine is a restaurant food supplier with a range of 200 recipes of egg-based products, all of them Made in France from eggs laid at cage-free farms so as to meet diners’ expectations in terms of animal welfare. Discover our innovative products and let your imagination run wild! 



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