Scrambled eggs

Ideal for any meal. Share this delicious preparation with your guests, for example accompanied by a salad!

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Scrambled eggs can be enjoyed as a hot starter or a main course, but also for breakfast, in tapas or as part of a buffet.
Made from eggs laid in France.


Oeufs de France


2,5kg, 9kg or 10kg


Scrambled Eggs & Salmon

1. Heat the scrambled egg in an open-topped Gastronorm container for 5 minutes at 150°C.
2. Toast the sliced sandwich bread and bevel them.
3. Once the egg is warm, add crème fraîche to make it creamier, then arrange it in small dishes on a plate.
4. Accompany each serving of scrambled egg with a slice of smoked salmon, two slices of toast and a glass of orange juice.

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