Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs

Cocotine Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs are quality, shell-less gourmet products which can be used in a multitude of recipes for starters, as well as mixed salads and more.

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Cocotine’s peeled hard-boiled eggs

Our Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs are ready-to-use products which save both time and energy. They can be used to make starters, mixed salads and ready-made meals. Cocotine’s timeless Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs are delicious eggs that are pearly white on the outside and orange on the inside, and that promise infinite culinary inspirations. Their firm texture, nutritional benefits and low cholesterol levels make them a fantastic choice for food service in schools, hospitals and retirement homes.

They fit right into a multitude of recipes for hot and cold starters and mains, like pan bagnat sandwiches, mixed salads, devilled eggs and even gratins. More convenient and just as tasty, Cocotine Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs will be your best friend in the kitchen.


Advantages of our Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs

Cocotine’s pre-peeled hard-boiled eggs provide many benefits in a professional setting:

  • Compatible with vegetarian diets (just like milk and cream)
  • No shells to discard
  • Considerable time savings (no need to cook or peel)
  • Easy storage
  • No risk of contamination.


Ideal for food service professionals

During high-volume periods in institutional or commercial food service, chefs have no time to lose and already have enough to do. Cocotine Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs can eliminate a technical motion and save you lots of time, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Cocotine’s Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs are fresh products that come in buckets, egg cartons or pouches and that can be adapted to suit any dining service. They are quick to use: just rinse them with clean water. To serve them hot, reheat them – without recooking the yolks – for 1 minute in a steam oven or boiling water or for 5 minutes in heated sauce.

They are laid no more than 28 days before processing, with a processed shelf life of 35 days. Our eggs are certified French Eggs, a guarantee of their country of origin and their quality. These products are available in free-range, organic and animal welfare cage-free egg options.

They should be stored in brine at 0-4°C. Make sure to fully seal the lid on the buckets and use eggs in pouches and egg cartons within 24 hours.


Exits in :

  • Organic
  • Free range
  • Animal welfare cage-free
  • Conventional


Pails, alveolus and bags


Pita Sandwich (serves 100)

  • 100 Cocotine Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs
  • 1,2kg  of tuna flakes
  • 100 pita breads
  • 1,2kg of heads lettuce
  • 1kg of sun-dried tomatoes
  • Mayonnaise

Slice a pita halfway open so you can stuff it. Tip: You can reheat the pita for a few minutes in the oven with a glass of water, so the steam keeps it soft.

Rinse some lettuce leaves in water and place them in the pita.

Cocotine’s Peeled Hard-boiled Eggs have no shells, so just let them drip dry for a few seconds and slice them, then do the same with the sun-dried tomatoes.

Dress the inside of the pita and finish by spooning some tuna flakes into it.

Tip: You can customise the recipe with the ingredients of your choosing, like tomatoes or grated carrots (which you will first need to peel).

Add your choice of cream-based sauce, yoghurt or fromage blanc. To make the perfect sauce for your pita sandwiches, follow our cooking tips and tricks and infuse it with a spoonful of herbs in a saucepan.

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