06 April 2023

Reinventing your snack menu with Cocotine products.

Culinary trends

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Eggs are a choice ingredient for snack food! As a source of protein and vitamins, they are a great garnish for salads, sandwiches, pizzas and burgers, adding a touch of colour and texture. 


Although vegetarian diets place a special emphasis on plants, most of them allow eggs and dairy products. And for omnivores, more and more of whom are leaning towards flexitarianism, eggs let them eat less meat, since two eggs are equivalent to 100 grams of meat, or the weight of a small minced beef patty. In other words, the egg market provides a response to the latest consumer trends and consumer demands.


Cocotine is the egg brand of d’aucy foodservice, a co-operative created more than 50 years ago by producers and farmers. It has developed a range of egg-based products that are perfectly suited to snack food. They offer alternatives to meat and fish whilst balancing the nutritional value of recipes that contain no other protein sources. 


As the icing on the egg, Cocotine has taken concrete action to ensure its laying hens are pampered, which is sure to please vegetarians who often opt for that diet out of concern for animal welfare. With Cocotine eggs in your snacks, you are sure to make everyone happy!


A wide product range for diversified snack menus


Cocotine adapts to societal and food service expectations with wide ranges of extremely practical products. In France, the brand also offers support to producers in preparation for the ban on caged eggs. For example, Cocotine has developed products made with French eggs laid by cage-free hens in an “animal welfare” line. 


Restaurateurs and caterers who want to serve high-quality ingredients to diners who are attentive to both animal welfare and the provenance of their food will find real solutions in this range: liquid egg white, egg yolk and whole egg, pasteurised and fresh, with no preservatives and no artificial colours, and packed in convenient 1 kg bottles. This way, they are guaranteed not to produce any eggshell waste. 


Using these as their cooking bases, they can make pastries and other desserts (panna cotta, flan, mousse, etc.) with the peace of mind that comes from knowing those eggs were laid by cage-free hens with access to natural light and a winter garden. 


This range also features peeled hard-boiled eggs to save the kitchen crew time when assembling salads and sandwiches. Lastly, half-moon omelettes and egg wraps put the finishing touch on the array of Cocotine products. They are both quick to use and easy to handle, allowing you to diversify your recipes by adding wraps, samosas, gratins and more.


Attractive snack food options


Vegetarian options 

By combining d’aucy’s mixed pulses (chickpeas, barley and quinoa) with Cocotine’s “animal welfare” cage-free whole egg, you can craft a delicious veggie burger with a grain patty that is a terrific meat substitute. It will be a hit with diners who choose to eat plant-based meals.


Flexitarian options

You can also use Cocotine’s Snack’Omelettes to make appealing dishes that will win over ovo-vegetarians and flexitarians alike.  The round shape of our Snack’Omelettes make them easy to slip inside hamburger buns, bagels and any kind of sandwich in general. Their 80 mm diameter allows for multiple variations, especially in bakeries, so you can offer a variety of different nourishing sandwiches. 

Frozen to reduce waste, our Snack’Omelettes are very natural (made of eggs and skimmed milk) and also come in a free-range version. Discover our recipes using this economical, quick-use product, like a rustic toasted club sandwich and a bistro burger


Fusion food options

From American bagels to Hawaiian poke by way of more traditional kebabs and other Greek pita sandwiches, ethnic recipes are all the rage in the snack food industry, especially in meal delivery services. This is precisely why Cocotine created the Egg Wrap for you to fill with your most exotic ingredients. 

Nourishing and ethical because it is made with additive-free, preservative-free “animal welfare” cage-free eggs, the Egg Wrap is easy to roll and slice after filling it with vegetables, bean sprouts, fresh herbs, smoked salmon, etc. Cocotine’s banh mi wrap recipe is the perfect combination of vegetables and eggs. When dressed with Vietnamese vinaigrette, the Cocotine Egg Wrap can be transformed into a nourishing, exotic and flavourful summertime lunch break.


Sweet options

Cocotine’s egg-based products are also very convenient when it comes to making individual pastries and other desserts to enjoy on the go, for takeaway or delivery.

Cocotine’s liquid egg white, egg yolk and whole egg products are available in clear, compactable 1 kg bottles. Each one contains the equivalent of 33 egg whites, 66 egg yolks or 44 whole eggs. As an added bonus, you won’t have to waste time breaking eggs, deal with discarded eggshells or worry about health risks!

All three products also come in organic versions for brands that have or are aiming for an organic identity, as well as “animal welfare” cage-free versions. 


In addition, they are available either fresh or frozen. Your savoury cakes, quiches, chocolate mousses, flans and sponge fingers will be quick and easy to produce… to the great delight of your biggest sweet-loving customers!

[Ebook] The frozen omelette range catalogue.


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