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A product made from fresh eggs for better workability, all in a clear, compactible and recyclable bottle.

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Find all the quality of our pasteurised egg whites in a liquid format that is ready to use and great in meringues, mousses and pastries.

Advantages of our Liquid Egg White

  • A cooking base ingredient
  • Ready to cook
  • Rich in protein
  • Made in France

A safe, pasteurised high-quality product

Our Liquid Egg White is pasteurised to ensure it is hygienic and to extend its shelf life.

Ideal for food service professionals

This liquid produce is easy and efficient to use, designed for food service professionals, who recognise Cocotine as the leader on the egg products market. You may also be interested in Cocotine’s Pasteurised Whole Egg and Liquid Egg Yolk.


Oeufs de France


Bottle  1Kg, 2kg or 5kg


Spring Devilled Egg Fingers

Ingredients for 100 servings:

  • 1.6 kg d’aucy Peas
  • 50 radishes
  • 1.6 kg carrots
  • 4 kg Cocotine Egg Yolk
  • 4 kg Cocotine Egg White

Dice the carrots and heat them with the peas in a saucepan of boiling water. Slice the radishes. Pour the Cocotine Egg Yolk into a frying pan and whisk gently. Pour the Egg White into ramekins and bake in the oven. Mix the scrambled Egg Yolk with mayonnaise. Remove the baked Egg White from the oven, cut it into squares and then add a spoonful of the Egg Yolk mixture on top. Garnish with the vegetables. Add some salt, pepper and chives, and it’s ready to serve.

Watch the video of our Spring Devilled Egg Fingers recipe.

And download the recipe card HERE !

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