16 January 2023

Find out how to make snack food with eggs!

Culinary trends

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Whether enjoyed on site, as takeaway or delivered, snack food is growing deeper roots in consumption patterns today. Forget about junk food: consumers are now looking for healthy, tasty quality meals, even on the go! The characteristics of eggs and egg products make them a great help in meeting all these expectations.


Eggs in all their forms


Rich in essential proteins and minerals, eggs are nutritionally attractive ingredients that are suitable for vegetarians. They are less expensive and also provide a good meat alternative for flexitarians (people who want to reduce their consumption of meat products, both for their health and to protect the environment). In fact, 42% of consumers regularly or occasionally enjoy vegetarian dishes.


Another useful factor of egg products lies in the different forms that they can take. When incorporated into a mixture, a garnish or as a main ingredient, they can be employed in a multitude of recipes, either hot or cold, sweet or savoury. In other words, they are particularly well-suited to snacks!


How can you showcase eggs in your snack menu?


Savoury snacks and dishes


Sandwiches remain the undisputed favourite at lunchtime, with 2.61 billion units sold in 2021 (up 0.2% from 2018). Hard-boiled eggs are recurring ingredients in sandwich fillings and can easily be used to replace ham in products aimed at vegetarians. In the same vein, omelettes can be substituted for hamburger patties to offer a healthier option. For a more exotic idea, poke bowls made with a poached egg or a “Oeuf Parfait” are very fashionable these days. “Oeuf parfait” are thoroughly cooked for 45 minutes, at a low temperature, resulting in a delightfully creamy product. 


In addition, egg wraps are a good solution for adding texture and flavour to many preparations. They can be used as an ingredient in their own right or as a replacement for a traditional wheat or corn tortilla, allowing you to create original roll-ups or even samosas, bringing their own special touch to the dish.


Sweet snacks and desserts


Many sweet concoctions feature eggs in their recipes, and few are the pastries that do not include them. When you think about treats like traditional French crêpes, classic sponge fingers and rich panna cotta, egg products are vital to a large proportion of desserts and refreshments, both at the end of a meal (for example as part of a meal deal offered at a bakery) or on the go!


Widely used at dine-in restaurants, eggs and egg products can also be great for developing a healthy, original snack menu of products that are easy to make. These options are essential to keeping your menu in line with today’s continuous rise in demand, which has been further reinforced by takeaway and delivery services.


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