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Spanish omelettes are a delicious recipe made from Cocotine eggs. Prepare themed menus with Cocotine Spanish Omelettes.

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Also known as a “Spanish tortilla”, the Spanish omelette is a prepared product made of eggs, potatoes and sometimes onions or ham. A variation on the French recipe, these are thick omelettes stuffed with potatoes. They are very popular in Spain and can readily be found in any home and in the form of tapas at most restaurants.

With eggs as their primary ingredient, our Spanish Omelettes are suitable for all diners, regardless of age or of vegetarian or flexitarian dietary restrictions.

For breakfast or lunch, Cocotine’s Spanish Omelettes provide a delicious, balanced recipe that will surely be a hit. Accompany your Spanish Omelettes with a salad or delicious vegetables for a complete, gourmet dish.


Advantages of our Spanish Omelettes

Cocotine’s Spanish Omelettes offer many benefits to food service professionals:

  • Available in two recipes (with or without onions)
  • Available fresh or frozen
  • Quick and easy to prepare simply by reheating: 3 minutes in the microwave, 20 minutes in a steam oven or 5 minutes on each side in a frying pan
  • Can be served as a small or large plate
  • Possibility of including it in a Spain-themed meal
  • They cook evenly with consistent results, even during large meal services.


Ideal for food service professionals

Our Spanish Omelettes are made from animal welfare cage-free eggs laid in France.

Pre-cooked and pre-seasoned, they are easy to prepare and can be served whole or else diced as tapas.

Cocotine’s Frozen Spanish Omelettes can be kept for about 18 months. Our Fresh Spanish Omelettes can be stored for 28 days at a temperature of 0-4°C.


Oeufs de France


Box of 40 or 60 omelettes
90g ou 135g


Spanish Omelette with Tomato & Rocket Salad

  • Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.
  • Wash and spin dry the rocket (or other greens that you have chosen).
  • Make a vinaigrette out of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • Toss all the ingredients together to spread the vinaigrette evenly throughout.
  • Reheat the Cocotine Spanish Omelettes by pan-frying them for 5 minute on each side.
  • Plate the salad on one side of the dish and a whole Spanish omelette on the other.


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