Egg products from France

Cocotine: Your brand of 100% made in France egg products

Essential to cooking and culinary preparations, our eggs and egg products can help you craft scrumptious dishes. Made with fresh or extra-fresh eggs laid in France, at free-range or organic farms, our entire range of egg and egg-based products was designed to simplify your work and offer all the quality which you rightfully expect to fully satisfy your creativity.

Eggs and egg-based products made in France

With 14.5 billion eggs laid annually, the French egg industry and its farmers are able to respond to growing demand. National egg production remains very high, putting France in top position across all of Europe.

To offer eggs of even higher quality, alternative farming has increased significantly, with the aim of meeting the expectations of the most discerning consumers and chefs. With their great nutritional and taste qualities and respect for animal welfare, alternative eggs have progressed dramatically and should continue along this same trajectory. Between 2018 and 2019:

  • The number of caged hens decreased by 13%
  • Cage-free chickens increased by 52%
  • Free-range laying hens went up by 15%
  • Organic egg farms rose by 31%.

Cocotine has made a strong commitment to this approach, alongside its farmers, with a target of achieving 100% alternative eggs by 2025. This robust goal of eggs produced with a view to animal welfare offers, in return, a promise of unique and authentic flavour.

Cocotine egg products: Quality above all else

The flavour of our products also stems from the expertise of the 220 farmers in our producers’ group, spread all across France. Cocotine offers a variety of ranges, each of superior quality, thanks to a co-operative spirit which is shared by everyone attached to our subsidiary. Made using our farmers’ eggs, our products adhere to a strict process which guarantees optimal safety.

Our ranges (half-moon omelettes, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs and pasteurized eggs, not to mention our liquid egg whites, yolks and whole eggs, etc.) satisfy the specific needs of the most demanding chefs and institutional caterers looking to serve up a delicious cuisine. With their very attractive choice of packaging and formats, our products come ready to cook, garnish or serve and are designed to optimize their conservation and save chefs precious time. In addition, this packaging preserves all of the taste and other sensory qualities of the eggs.

"Œufs de France" label

All of Cocotine’s egg-based products and cooking bases bear the Œufs de France (French Eggs) label. This guarantees complete traceability of eggs laid by hens born and bred in France. The logo, which is open to all types of egg farms, is a mark of our French producers’ commitments and expertise. It is an indicator of impeccable sanitary quality and compliance with some of the most stringent animal welfare standards in the world.

You will find all the flavour and high standards of French eggs in our ranges of Cocotine products.