Egg product imports & exports: The best in French eggs

Importing foods: Put your trust in Cocotine, the best eggs have to offer for professionals

Behind Cocotine, a Eureden subsidiary, is a group of 220 farmers and six production sites spread all across France. They are all committed to offering the best egg products to distribution networks which supply institutional and private caterers, bakeries and pastry shops. The Cocotine brand sells ready-to-use products made from fresh, extra-fresh and frozen eggs, both in France and abroad, to simplify food preparation.

Cocotine’s production methods

Cocotine, a Eureden subsidiary, is a leading actor in the field of egg-based products and liquid egg products developed for distributors that supply institutional catering professionals. Thanks to the quality of our value chains and farmers, our eggs and egg products are:

  • 100% made in France
  • Cage-free, guaranteeing their quality as well as the chickens’ welfare, to which Cocotine is strong committed
  • Free-range, so they meet even higher standards
  • Organic, to satisfy the expectations of consumers and restaurateurs who are mindful of the quality of the products they serve.

Cocotine: An international egg supplier

Food imports and exports stand tall in international trade. Building on the strong territorial roots of its productions, which promise quality and innovation, Cocotine exports its expertise internationally, to countries where food imports demand the highest quality and standards.

In 2019, French exports of eggs and egg products totalled nearly €508 billion, a sign that the “Made in France” label is as attractive as ever. In terms of production, France is a major contributor of alternative eggs, accounting for 31% of Europe’s organic laying hens and 15% of free-range egg layers, but just 13% of caged layers.

Cocotine is on track to transition to 100% alternative eggs by 2025. Currently the top French producer of egg-based products, Cocotine continues to work towards its targets, shoring up its reputation and boosting its customer satisfaction along the way.

Why choose Cocotine?

Thanks to our wide range of eggs and egg-based products which satisfy requirements in terms of quality, traceability and innovation, particularly our range featuring fresh and extra-fresh eggs, Cocotine is able to meet the needs of institutional caterers, restaurants and industry, with our:

  • 220 farmers
  • 880 million eggs per year
  • 35,200 tonnes of processed products, 80% of which are fresh and 20% frozen
  • 6 production sites.

Cocotine’s exports, which represent 13% of our volume sold, continue to grow in Europe and the Middle East, where we sell flagship products like our half-moon omelettes, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs and pasteurized eggs. The brand also makes liquid egg whites, yolks and whole eggs to meet the specific needs of industry and institutional catering. With our broad range of simple, reliable ready-to-use products, Cocotine gives free rein to chefs, so they can concoct delicious, high-quality recipes for their consumers.

You too can demand the best in French eggs for your network.