Egg and egg-based products for professionals

Cocotine, a supplier of egg and egg-based products for food service professionals

You will find the best French eggs have to offer in Cocotine’s products. Our convenient, flavourful ranges are designed to meet chefs’ needs whilst simplifying their lives. Whether fresh, extra-fresh or frozen, Cocotine’s egg-based products are easy to prepare and come ready to cook, garnish or serve. Available in a multitude of formats and packaging, their ease of use and storage leaves room for professionals to interpret and create bold, delectable new recipes. Demand the best in French eggs for all your dishes. Made with eggs laid in France, all our products meet the required standards for institutional catering and industry.

Cocotine’s take on egg and egg-based products

For chefs looking to continuously enhance the tastes they offer their customers, Cocotine has developed a whole variety of products which are quick and easy to use. Cocotine’s products are designed for restaurateurs, pastry chefs and food manufacturers in search of quality and diversity, and can be used as a cooking base for your hot or cold starters, in your sandwiches, salads or desserts, or incorporated into your hot main courses. Our preparations are also formulated to save you time and to be easy to use and store. Cocotine’s range is here for the delight of gourmets and foodies.

Cocotine’s quality and commitments

The quality of our eggs and our egg-based products comes from the strong commitments made by the 220 farmers in our producers’ groups, who are spread throughout France. Made using those eggs, our natural products adhere to a strict process which guarantees their optimal quality. Cocotine stands with our producers in our shared commitment to using only alternatively farmed eggs by 2025. Between cage-free, free-range and organic chickens, our concern for animal welfare yields products of superior flavour, that respect the basic needs of the birds.

Cocotine: Your institutional catering supplier

Shells and egg handling are done away with thanks to Cocotine, the supplier of eggs and egg products for chefs around the world. Our products are designed to save you time and boost your efficiency, with zero waste. Made using our farmers’ eggs, the majority of them are created from fresh or extra-fresh eggs. Packed just a few days after being laid, our egg-based products retain all of the nutritional qualities and sensory properties of their raw materials.

The Cocotine range offers a guarantee of consistent quality and safe food under any circumstances. Thanks to our clever, ingenious packaging, which is easy to store and use, you can have access to the best eggs have to offer, in their many and varied forms. Between our half-moon omelettes, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs and pasteurized eggs, not to mention our liquid egg whites, yolks and whole eggs, our range satisfies the specific needs of the most demanding food manufacturers and institutional caterers looking to serve up high-end products.

Discover Cocotine’s products and prepare delicious recipes with the greatest of ease.