Egg Bites

Discover the Cocotine Egg Bites, ideal for breakfast, lunch or tapas.

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What are Egg Bites?

Our Egg Bites are bite-sized omelettes, a concept created in the United States and revisited by Cocotine’s chefs so you can serve up new flavours in your various meals. They are soft, healthy and nutritional, rich in protein (about 8 grams/Egg Bite)* and low in fat, carbohydrate and cholesterol (about 7 grams/Egg Bite)*.
So far, these egg morsels have been a hit in restaurants, including in cafés and fast food chains like Starbucks. Using them is a much healthier, economical and always more flavourful option!
* depending on the recipe.

Different flavours of Egg Bites

Cocotine’s Egg Bites come in four different recipes:

  • Cheddar & Bacon
  • 3 Cheese (Emmental, Mozzarella & Cheddar)
  • Cheddar & Turkey Bacon
  • Whites: Tomato & Basil: an essential combination with an aromatic taste.

Thanks to this assortment of egg-based recipes, your guests can vary their mealtime enjoyment.

Ideal for food service professionals

Our Egg Bites come from free-range chickens. This frozen product is suitable for high-volume venues: 65-gram portions which are appropriate for any age of guests (children, teens and adults) and for any dining occasion (snack, brunch, tapas, cocktail time or main course).
It is quick and easy to use in your kitchen.

The cooking times are as follows: 16 minutes in a convection oven at 170°C or 2 minutes in a microwave at 600W.
It can be kept in stock for long periods of time (18 months), and its packaging is tailored to the food service industry (56 pieces per box).



Oeufs de France

Free range


Box of 56 units (65g)


Served as a centrepiece to a meal, Egg Bites can be served by salad, ratatouille, pan-fried vegetables, and the list goes on… The possibilities are almost endless!
On the plate, arrange two Tomato & Basil Egg Bites, and then add our Ratatouille à la Provençale, cooked in virgin olive oil. And your work is done!

Such an easy preparation, wouldn’t you say?

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