Egg Bites

Discover the Cocotine Egg Bites, ideal for breakfast, lunch or tapas.

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What are Cocotine Egg Bites?

Our Egg Bites are healthy, nutritional and fluffy bite-sized omelette morsels. They are rich in protein and low in fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol.


Advantages of our Egg Bites 

  • Soft, fluffy texture
  • Light, healthy snack food (high protein and low calorie)
  • Gluten free and additive free
  • Quick and easy to reheat: 2 minutes in a microwave or 8 minutes in a traditional oven
  • Small portions suitable for any mealtime (snack, brunch, tapas, etc.)
  • Free-range eggs from France

You can treat your diners to some variety with our different recipes:

  • 3 Cheese (Emmental, Mozzarella & Cheddar)
  • Cheddar & Turkey Bacon.

They come frozen, packed in boxes of 56, and can be stored for up to 24 months at -18°C.


Ideal for food service professionals

Our Egg Bites are perfect for high-volume venues: their 65-gram portions are appropriate for any type of diner at any meal (snack, brunch, tapas, cocktail hour or main course).


Oeufs de France

Free range


Box of 56 units (65g)


Frozen Egg Bites 3 cheeses | Cocotine

For a complete, balanced dish, serve your Egg Bites with a salad or vegetables.

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