Bakery supplier : Egg products

Cocotine: A key supplier for bakeries

Eggs are crucial to the recipes used by bakeries and pastry shops, with the yolks making bread, cakes, pastries and other baked goods softer and creamier, and the whites making them lighter and fluffier. So, it is only natural that egg-based products have become a must in the kitchens of bakers and pastry chefs.

Discover Cocotine, a bakery supplier specialising in egg-based products, with a wide range of solutions designed for all sizes of bakeries and pastry chefs.


Cocotine: An egg supplier for bakeries and pastry shops

Cocotine is a brand of fresh and frozen egg-based products, and a member of Eureden, a co-operative agri-food group. Cocotine, a supplier of raw materials for baked goods, has more than 230 member farmers in France, producing high quality eggs: cage-free eggs farmed with a concern for animal welfare, free-range eggs and organic eggs. Cocotine is a committed, engaged egg supplier with control over our entire production chain, guaranteeing you transparency and traceability.

The brand is aimed at artisans, food service professionals and agri-food manufacturers that want to find a trusted partner for their supply of eggs. Cocotine also supplies school canteens and sells egg products to commercial restaurants, for customers dining in or as takeaway.


Advantages of our egg products for bakeries and pastry shops

Our egg products are made from whole eggs or parts of eggs after removal from their shells.

Convenient packaging makes these products ready to use and, whether they are in liquid or spray form, they offer many benefits to bakers and pastry chefs:

– Substantial time savings, now that you no longer have to break individual eggs or separate the yolks from the whites

– No risk of finding pieces of shell in your mixtures and no risk of contamination through handling

– Reduced waste when a recipe only calls for part of the egg.

Cocotine eggs also come in more elaborate forms. For example, some products are pre-cooked so you can easily add them to sandwiches, salads or other snack food available for takeaway. Our peeled hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs and omelette cubes are ready to use and quick to incorporate into your dishes.

Thanks to Cocotine, a bakery supplier, frozen and fresh products can simplify your daily life and guarantee flawless quality in all your baked goods and pastries. Don’t forget to refrigerate or freeze any remaining egg products, immediately after use.


Cocotine products for your bakery and pastry recipes

Widely used in bakeries and pastry shops, fresh or frozen pasteurised liquid egg products can be used to make many recipes for bread, cakes and pastries.

Opt for Cocotine’s liquid whole egg for your flans and melt-in-your-mouth brioches. Bank on our baker’s egg white to create airy sandwich bread, chocolate sachertorte or fluffy meringue. Mix our egg yolk into your shortbread, canelé pastries or confectioner’s custard.

Be sure to try our egg spray, the ideal format to give your baked goods a most appealing golden hue. With this packaging in spray form, your products will be protected against bacterial contamination, and your croissants, chocolate croissants and raisin swirls will take on lovely colours when baked.

Contact the teams at Cocotine to explore our full range of egg-based products and choose the right ones for your bakery.