School Catering Supplier : Egg products

Cocotine: An egg supplier for school canteens

As a school caterer, your challenge is to make the children happy at lunchtime. To be sure to meet the relevant food safety standards and guarantee the nutritional quality of the meals you serve to students, it’s important that you choose your suppliers with care. For eggs, put your trust in Cocotine, a school catering supplier. Our co-operative brand guarantees our products’ French origins and total control over our value chain, so we can deliver high quality goods to you.


Cocotine: A school canteen supplier

Food safety and nutrition and two crucial components of school meals. Whether you are serving meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables or dairy products, you must pay attention to the quality and the origins of the ingredients you use.

Cocotine, a supplier for school canteen meals, offers fresh and frozen egg-based products, made with eggs laid in France by hens born and raised in France, in accordance with the principles of animal welfare. From farm to packaging, a traceability sticker appears on all our products, indicating the origins of the eggs you will be including in your children’s menus.

Rely on your egg supplier’s organic product range to satisfy the obligation of offering meals that contain at least 20% organically farmed ingredients. Our 30 organic products that you can employ to create an organic starter or main include peeled hard-boiled eggs and half-moon omelettes.


Egg products: Your allies in school catering

Since 1 November 2019, France’s EGAlim Law has required school canteens to offer a weekly vegetarian menu. The goal is to encourage a diverse diet. Just like pulses, eggs constitute a source of protein that can be used as a replacement for meat and fish. So, egg products like hard-boiled eggs and omelettes from Cocotine, your school canteen’s supplier, can be incorporated into your menu at least once a week.

There are many constraints that apply to school canteens, along with other forms of institutional catering, such as compliance with food hygiene and traceability rules. As a result, eggs in shells are not always welcome in school kitchens and are naturally being replaced by fresh or frozen liquid egg products. You can use our liquid whole egg, egg yolk and egg white to safely prepare countless sweet and savoury recipes that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Because the Cocotine brand guarantees its products’ good taste and food safety, we are also a trusted supplier of fast food restaurants and bakeries.


Cocotine products for menus kids will adore

You can count on our egg products when crafting your menus. They will help you offer a healthy, varied diet to the children at your school. Discover our ready-to-use omelettes that make for great main courses when garnished with vegetables and carbohydrates. Our omelette come in several sizes, so be sure to pick the right weight for the age range of the children you serve.

And to concoct a delicious dessert like chocolate mousse, opt for the pasteurised baker’s egg white from our free-range product line. Our liquid egg products come in clear bottles with a shelf life of 50 days and qualify under the EGAlim Law.