Supplier of egg products for the catering industry

Cocotine: A supplier of egg products for commercial restaurants

Are you a restaurant manager looking for a food supplier? Choose Cocotine, the co-operative brand of egg-based products for restaurants, which works to promote animal welfare. Cocotine’s ready-to-cook, ready-to-garnish and ready-to-serve eggs provide a high quality alternative to eggs in shells and are already used in many kitchens in France and around the world.

Your egg supplier can simplify the organisation of your daily work. Find out how Cocotine’s egg products reconcile taste with hygiene and safety.


Your egg supplier for table service

Cocotine, a supplier for dine-in restaurants, fast food and snack food, guarantees animal welfare and short supply chains within France. From the eggs laid

by hens born and raised in France to the manufacturing of egg-based products, Cocotine controls the entire value chain. Our production plants are located near the farms where our co-op farmers are committed to animal welfare by giving their chickens living conditions that are better suited to their natural behaviour.

This guarantees you complete traceability, as certified by the stickers placed on our packaging that indicate the origins of the eggs.


Egg products in kitchens: Precious tools for your recipes

For reasons of hygiene and food safety, eggshells are not always welcome in restaurant kitchens. Thanks to their packaging, our egg products for dine-in restaurants, fast food and snack food satisfy those criteria while also saving you time in your daily routine.

In fresh or frozen liquid form, our ready-to-use eggs (whole eggs, yolks or whites) are essential cooking bases for your sweet or savoury dishes.  Our egg products also come in more elaborate forms, cooked using specific methods, like our poached eggs and scrambled eggs, plus a variety of garnishes for our omelettes (plain, cheese, bacon, etc.).

Cocotine products are designed for more than just traditional dine-in restaurants. The brand is also a supplier for school canteens and takeaway restaurants. The quality of our products, their guaranteed French origins, their traceability and their certifications make us a trusted partner for any food service professional.


Cocotine products for delicious recipes

From starters to desserts, you can count on Cocotine egg products when you want to serve healthy food, prepare gourmet menus and delight all your diners, especially the vegetarians amongst them.

Bank on our wide range of products to create a typical bistro-style starter like devilled eggs. Our pasteurised egg yolk will allow you to whip up some creamy mayonnaise, while our additive-free peeled hard-boiled eggs come ready to garnish. To turn our omelettes and Spanish omelettes into main courses, just add a crisp salad or a few tender vegetables for a quick lunch. Lastly, our ready-to-cook/bake liquid egg products can be incorporated into your desserts, because you obviously can’t make a floating island, a fruit clafoutis or a chocolate cake without eggs. Our crêpes and French toast also make for ideal bases for delectable recipes. Garnish them with soft pieces of fruit and a scoop of ice cream to delight young and old alike.

Just because our egg products come ready to garnish or serve, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative when it comes to choosing accompaniments and a presentation that will make them even more appealing. Take the time you save by not having to break any eggs and spend it on your plating or concocting new recipes.