Pre-sliced long egg | Cocotine

Ideal for snack menus, this Cocotine product simplifies the production of burger and bagel recipes, as well as mixed salads!

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100% of the product is used, so nothing goes to waste!


Box of 10 logs


Hartgekochtes Stangenei vorgeschnitten | Cocotine

Club sandwich

  • Mix some tuna flakes with cheese spread. Set aside.
  • Slice some tomatoes.
  • Spread a layer of the tuna mixture and place a lettuce leaf on your first slice of toast. Place a layer of tomatoes and another of Cocotine Hard-boiled Eggs in a Pre-cut Log on a second slice of toast.
  • Arrange the slices on top of one another before cutting them into four triangles. Stack the four pieces on top of each other and hold them in place with a wooden pick.

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