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Cocotine Egg White Cubes allow you to create special recipes without any egg yolks.

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Our Egg White Cubes are small chunks made of cooked 100% egg white. Separated from the yolk, they feature a supple texture with the great taste of egg and are designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes.

From breakfast to dinner, Cocotine Egg White Cubes can be used in a multitude of dishes – like mixed salads, egg sandwiches, egg and vegetable wraps, egg fried rice and egg and vegetable stir fries – that are sure to be a hit with all your diners.


Advantages of our Egg White Cubes

Cocotine’s Egg White Cubes are rich in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates, making them an ally for delivering fuel to your healthy, gourmet recipes. They provide a wide array of benefits:

  • Pre-cooked and ready to use
  • Consistent quality, even during large meal services
  • Quick and easy to prepare by simply reheating
  • Suitable for vegetarian and flexitarian diets.

Cocotine’s Egg White Cubes are made from eggs laid in France. They are individually quick frozen for maximum practicality. They can be stored for up to 18 months at -18°C.


Ideal for food service professionals

You can easily reduce your prep time by adding our egg cubes to any recipe. It takes just 2-3 minutes to reheat them in the microwave or a few minutes in the oven, or even in a frying pan for a slightly crunchy effect.

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Egg White Cubes | Cocotine

Potato, Cheddar & Egg White Flatbread

  • Reheat the Cocotine Egg White Cubes.
  • Bake the potatoes until they take on a roasted look.
  • Cook the pieces of flatbread on the grill until they are golden brown.
  • Top the flatbread with your choice of sauce, then arrange the slices of melting cheddar, the roast potatoes and the Cocotine Egg White Cubes.
  • Serve and enjoy !

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