Airline Catering Supplier: fresh and frozen egg products

Cocotine: A supplier for in-flight catering companies

Is your company a producer of in-flight meals that is looking for an egg supplier so you can create meal trays to be served on planes? When you choose Cocotine’s egg products for your airline recipes, you can be sure you are using high quality French eggs.


Cocotine: An egg supplier for in-flight meals

Cocotine is a co-operative brand that makes fresh and frozen egg-based products as a member of the French agri-food group Eureden. Cocotine’s products are designed for food service professionals, as well as food manufacturers and delicatessens, with solutions tailored

to their needs and constraints.

As a supplier for airline catering and fast food, Cocotine guarantees the French origin of its products, processed in France using eggs laid by chickens born and raised in France. There is no doubt that your chefs will appreciate the quality of our products when preparing dishes to delight even the most demanding passengers of your airline clients.


Advantages of egg products for in-flight meals

Cocotine understands the constraints associated with airline catering and develops products that meet those specific needs, especially as concerns food safety.

Because they release you from the need to break individual eggs, our egg products will save you precious time in preparing the many meal trays that you deliver each to airlines for their in-flight food service. Whether fresh or frozen, Cocotine’s liquid egg products come in convenient, hygienic packaging and are ready and easy to use in all your in-flight meals.

Aside from air catering chefs, our egg products are also a hit with artisans like bakers and pastry chefs, establishing Cocotine as a supplier of products for use in baked goods.


Cocotine products for in-flight catering

Discover a whole range of products for the creation of new recipes to be served on flights. From breakfasts to complete meals, by way of snacks, our egg products are a great fit for a multitude of sweet and savoury concoctions.

Eggs in liquid form (whole eggs, egg whites and yolks) are essential in any professional kitchen, with whipped whites bringing volume and structure to your desserts, while yolks add a sunny colour to your dishes. Another advantage is the fact that the molecules in egg yolks retain flavour, making them a precious asset for ensuring great taste, especially when you consider that flavours tend to be perceived less on planes, under conditions with reduced air pressure.

Cocotine’s eggs also come cooked using different methods. For example, you can add poached or hard-boiled eggs to your salads for an added dose of protein and indulgence that is always appreciated, particularly by vegetarians.

As for Cocotine’s omelettes, they are available in different sizes, so you can serve portions that are suited to any mealtime. Our half-moon omelettes and Egg Bites are ready to serve. Simply add some crunchy vegetables for a balanced meal that can be served in flight.