Foodservice supplier: processed egg products

Cocotine: A food supplier for fast food restaurants

Are you looking for a supplier of egg-based products for your fast food restaurant? Like any food service professional, you want to serve quality products to your customers, whether they are dining in or taking away.

Cocotine, a fast food restaurant supplier, invites you to discover our wide range of egg products, eggs in every form to save you time preparing your snack food items.


A trusted supplier of egg-based products

Cocotine is an egg supplier that is committed to animal welfare. Our co-operative supports our farmers transitioning to alternative farming methods and ensures they are fairly paid, based on the cost of their raw materials.

From farming to packaging, Cocotine is a food supplier for the fast food sector that guarantees complete traceability. Our brand’s products are made in France using eggs laid by chickens born and raised in France.


Egg products: Musts in the fast food industry

Whether your meals are enjoyed on site, taken away or delivered, your fast food restaurant needs to provide a response to changing consumer habits. To do that, you offer dishes that are easy to eat on the run, served in cardboard or kraft paper wrappers. No matter if you specialise in sandwiches, burgers, pizza or tacos, your snack food options must contain quality products, if you want to retain a loyal customer base.

A must in any kitchen, egg products save precious time for food service professionals at commercial restaurants, in institutional catering and even in-flight meals, because they come ready to use. Cocotine’s range includes:

– Fresh or frozen, ready-to-cook/bake liquid egg products (whole egg, egg yolk or egg white)

– Eggs already cooked to perfection, ready to use as garnishes and fillings for your salads, sandwiches, etc.

– Ready-to-serve products such as omelettes, crêpes and more.

Thanks to our organic range, Cocotine is also a supplier for the organic fast food sector.

Because fast food and organic are by no means incompatible, our brand offers some 30 organic products, both fresh and frozen, including our famous omelettes and Spanish omelettes.


Cocotine products for your fast food or snack food establishment

Eggs are rich in protein and minerals, provide clear nutritional qualities and constitute a meat substitute for vegetarians and flexitarians. Because they can be prepared in so many forms, eggs can be incorporated into a multitude of recipes for sweet and savoury bites.

Between hard-boiled, poached, 63-degree and fried, eggs are a welcome guest in sandwiches, salads, buddha bowls and poke bowls. To simplify your job, Cocotine also offers eggs in logs, as well as egg white cubes and omelette cubes.

Your customers of all ages are sure to love our Egg Bites, delicious, ultra-soft nibbles that they can even eat with their fingers.

Don’t forget about our Egg Wraps, original bases you can use as a replacement for corn tortillas to make delicious rolled salmon wraps or veggie samosas.

Similarly, our Omelette Burgers have just the right shape to use as a vegetarian patty or in a breakfast bagel served with chips.