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Cocotine’s Mimosa Egg or Devilled Egg is a mixture of scrambled yolks and crumbled egg whites, the perfect accompaniment for a starter or mixed in with a salad.

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Our Devilled Egg blend was designed specifically for the food service industry. That market includes both institutional catering, like canteens at schools, companies and retirement homes, and commercial food service like at hotels, restaurants, etc.

Why use Cocotine Devilled Egg?

Made with French eggs, Cocotine Devilled Egg saves time, is easy and efficient to use to add flavour to your recipes. For cocktail hour or to garnish sauce or mayonnaise, it is the ideal mixture for your dishes.

Why add Cocotine Devilled Egg to your food?

Eggs are a source of protein and contain many vitamins that are essential to normal bodily functions. Cocotine’s Devilled Egg helps meet the daily intake requirements for a healthy, balanced diet.

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Oeufs de France




Mimosa Egg | Cocotine

Grated carrot and Mimosa/Devilled Eggs

  • Grate the carrots
  • Heat up the Cocotine mimosa eggs
  • Sprinkle them over the grated carrots
  • Add a vinaigrette sauce

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